Anne Lewis & Bill Taylor

Scottish songs and airs for voice and harps

The harps

Rose clarsach

Wire-strung clarsach by Ardival Harps, Strathpeffer. 25 brass strings + 1 silver string. Range: bass G; c-f'''

The Rose is based on carvings of mermaids playing harps on the fireplace at Kilravock Castle, home of the Rose family, near Cawdor. Made entirely of sycamore, it has a range of over three octaves, with a bass drone silver string.


Hook harp

After Jacob Hochbrucker, by Pepe Rasmus Weissgerber, Berlin. 29 gut strings.

A replica of an original in the collection of the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg. The famous instrument maker Jacob Hochbrucker, the inventor of pedals for the harp, may have developed this design as a travelling instrument.